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Preventive and curative health care

We fly a regular, two-week schedule to 25 airstrips to vaccinate and treat people as close as possible to their home within and around the Arusha Region. We evacuate very sick patients to the nearest hospital. Communities maintain their own airstrips.



Emergency flights

We have regular radio contact with our pilots and with hospitals. We advise on the most appropriate facility for the patient's problem. We have a doctor available. We do not request payment guarantee, but we ask for a contribution towards the cost of the flight.



FMS provides transport for visiting medical specialists and paramedical staff

The aim of this outreach is to assist medical professionals with on-the-job exchange of views and updates on medical practices. We are developing a small library with educational material.



FMS plays an active role in the maintenance of the existing medical radio network in Tanzania. We improve communication for remote hospitals by installing radio-calls and radio-email.